Jammo’s Music Report No.003

Tell’s you what, this lockdown is really starting to grip my shit. No end in sight, kindergartens open, kindergartens close. School opens, school closes. The house is full, the house is quiet. You know how it is. But, just like Albert Ayler said ‘Music is the Healing Force of the Universe’, so here’s what’s keeping the ship afloat this month.

Ginuwine – The Bachelor

A work of genius, as far as I’m concerned. Timbaland at his level best, odd, cold and full of soul. An all time fave that never fails to please. much needed at the moment.

Dogpatrol – SNKRX06

Mannheim vibe merchant Dogpatrol returns to the wonderful Sneaker Social, for another bass dripping tour de force through Bruk, 2Step and Hardcore. All I want is a warehouse and a bunch of sweaty bodies.

Anne Müller – Heliopause

I bought this record by Berlin cellist Anne Müller for Ana’s birthday (she loves her Ambient/Neoclassical zeug) and it’s just jaw droppingly beautiful. Get it in you!

Don Armando – I’m an Indian, Too

A reet biketastic Disco banger! Fonda Rae on Vocals. Nothing beats ragging it round the streets to this!