Driven by boredom in a seemingly never-ending pandemic and a burgeoning hatred of social media, Fuzzy Frontiers is an online space to talk about and publish music, politics, art and comics. A posh way of saying “a blog”, I suppose, but I’m hoping it will become more over time. After running the Cambrian Line blog and label for 8 years and doing nearly 12 years of radio shows for various stations, I started to feel jaded with the growing trend of neoliberalism within the underground scene and the need to be on social media at all times, which began to affect my mental health, my family life and the quality of my output.

I’m old see, and I remember the internet before web 2.0. Before giant corporations fronted by lizard-faced data barons squeezed the creative juices out of the web’s citizens, rebranding them as ‘content providers’ and milking them for all they are worth in the name of profit. I want to get away from that and pretend like its ’99 again. No likes, no stress, no bollocks.

Loads of love, Jammo