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I’ve been getting into meditation again recently, as a way to expel the demons in my tiny brain and escape the shackles of another grey Berlin winter. So, here’s a comic about that!

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Tecwaa – Cï

Sorry babes, it’s been a likkle while. I’ve Been banging my head against the drawing board, trying to get new Peng Valley pages and some other illustrations ready. Of course, it wouldn’t have killed me to post a tune of the day, but I didn’t. And, for that, I’m truly, truly sorry. I have failed you, in my role as an unpaid content creator. it wont happen again (it probably will). Peace unto you and your loved ones. Listen to this, it’s lovely!

Fuzzy Frontiers Trip 1

Bore Da Pawb!

It’s been over two years since my last radio show. COVID-19, the bairns and general disillusionment kind of threw a spanner in the works. Nevertheless, it’s a new year and high time for a series of Fuzzy Frontiers radio mixes. Old heads will know the score from my previous shows on Noods Radio: Tapes, reccerds, vinyl, digimals, field recordings, sfx, yew name it. Up, down and round and round we go!

Recorded live 11/01/2023 @ Yr Ogof Cosmig, Neukölln

Nerds: Download Here


  1. Gruff Rhys – Distant Snowy Peaks
  2. Yamaneko – Mt. Fløya Any
  3. Mark Pritchard & The Space Lady – S.O.S
  4. Klaus Schulze – The Looper Isn’t a Hooker
  5. Noda & Wolfers – Radical Forms of the Unknown
  6. Nico Fidenco – Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibal
  7. Deltron 3030 – Virus
  8. Strange U X Jehst – Eden’s Husk
  9. Blackwater – Horniman
  10. Sha – (That)
  11. Jah Wobble – The Competition of Supermassive Black Holes and Galactic Spheroids in the Destruction of Globular Clusters
  12. Beats Unlimited – Human Music
  13. Square Fauna – Natives
  14. KMRU – As I Wandered
  15. Space Afrika – Kitty
  16. Alan Johnson – Pleasure Principle
  17. Corticyte – Integrate 2 V5
  18. Etch – Heart Transplant
  19. East Man & Walton – Screw Face
  20. Cypherfunk – Voltage
  21. Lårry – Systems Component
  22. Seefeel – Spangle
  23. The Black Dog – Re-Pho-Kuss
  24. Smackos – Abandoned Stations Elka Space Orgel
  25. Binary Operator – Dial Your Operator
  26. Plant 43 – Remote Signals
  27. Lake Haze – Circuits Dream