Here’s a little rundown of what’s playing on the workroom stereo this week (Kalenderwoche 40):

Billy Byrd – Lost in The Crowd

A seminal piece of horn-heavy country soul, with an irrepressible rhythm section. Originally released on Scream and later revived on Soul 7. It doesn’t get much better!

Amon Düül II – She Came Through the Chimney

An absolute beauty from one of the best groups ever. Angelic reverb-soaked guitars, flutes, violins, bagpipes? And discordant synths, twist and turn their way around complex percussion. Burying themselves deep into your pineal gland.

Boards of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

Every single time I hear this track, I’m transported to a windy corner of the Kernowek peninsula. Somewhere between Flushing and Penryn. And, as the autumn blues set in, and metropolitan sickness looms in the air, that’s exactly the kind of escapism I need.

Roman Flügel – The Improviser

Taken from Herr Flügel’s 2011 meisterwerk Fatty Folders, this one has never left my box. Proper groovy minimal Techno. Ripping random-seeming bass accents, cute rhythmic stabs, and handclaps-a-plenty! Always building! Always going somewhere! 

 I’m suffering from a real post-pandemic lack of interest in dance music, but some things never fail to rekindle my love. Body music, pure and simple.

The Fall – Dedication not Medication

“And Pierce Brosnan how dare you prescribe, Sad grief and bed wet pills”– Mark E Smith still on top form, 30 albums deep into the Fall. The ominous synth bass tone, combined with the loose disco drums, and killing joke-esque metallic guitar chops, make it a post-punk gold standard. An ideal soundtrack for a dirty city.

Achtung!!! All clips are cut to 1 minute, mega low bitrate. I do not own the rights to these recordings. If you see my shitty blog as a big risk to your gold medallions, jacuzzis and Ibiza beach houses, then contact me and I'll take it down!