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The year is 2233 and the world is a very different place. Though much of our progenitor’s culture has been lost to us, some important traditions have been passed down. 100 years after the great shift their ghosts remain. Buried deep in the rocks and ancient forests which made up their world.

During the long winter of 2165, a team of archaeologists uncovered a cache of cultural artefacts from a sinkhole just outside Threespor (previously known as Aberystwyth). Among these were recordings of late 20th-century Radio Ceredigion broadcasts and an Amateur map of Peng Valley. This is the beginning.

Achtung!!! These pages are designed for print, A5 landscape. Where possible, I have cut up a mobile version. For best results, don't look on a mobile! If you share, don't be a nob, please credit the artist. 
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