Jammo’s Music Report No.005

Eye eye chicken pie! It’s been a few months since I’ve written one of these posts. Usually, this would be down to laziness on my part but, to be honest, I’ve had to take a wee break from music listening in general of late. I’m not sure why: A pandemic depression-related slump? Insta-deejay-wankstains vexing me daily? Or, perhaps just the fact that I’m turning 40 this year! Who knows?

Long story short, I’ve fucked off my social media accounts and will only be updating this blog from now on. I may write a longer post about the reasons for this at some point, but needless to say, it’s bad for my mental health, creativity and the rest — yadda-yadda-yadda. If you want updates, I’ll be doing a little newsletter every so often. It’s very Y2k. I hear that’s in now.

Anyways, here’s a little run down of what I’ve been listening to over the last few…

Brooklyn Funk Essentials – I Got Cash

“Fuck your fencing and screw your squash, Piss on your Paulo and your Pavarotti, Fuck all that shit you call music and pretend to enjoy! I got cash, Mega cash, I’m happy with that!”

Ana recently reminded me of this gentrification-bashing belter from Brooklyn Funk Essentials’ 2000 ‘Make ’em Like it’ album and I’ve had it on loop for days. Put it in your ears immediately!

Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized

Recently, my 12-year-old has been getting into 90’s Hip Hop and Punk. So, being the sad, desperate-to-be-relevant dad that I am, I’ve taken to crafting expansive Spotify playlists for him to explore and enjoy. I know, I know, we’ve got that on vinyl haven’t we? But, like it or not, this is how the young folk consume music. Anyway, devoted father that I am, I made him a cracking Punk and 80’s Hardcore playlist. Featuring all the usual stop-offs: Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedys, Ramones, Undertones, Stiff Little Fingers and of course this ranty, guitar-shredding, bandana sporting tale of shit parents, mental health and Pepsi.

“I go: There’s nothing wrong mom, And she goes: Don’t tell me that, you’re on drugs!, And I go: No mom I’m not on drugs I’m okay, I was just thinking you know, Why don’t you get me a Pepsi?”

He loved it obviously!

I:Cube – Cubo Live Sessions Volume 2

The first of two ‘Versatile’ records I’ve been ragging of late. Featuring four tracks of masterful live acid from the legend that is I:Cube. Funky, weird, spacious and dubbed out. Just how I likes it! Stick it on and tell your mates.

Gilb’r – On Danse Comme Des Fous

Beautiful all-embracing electronic excursions from Gilb’r on ‘Versatile’. From the monophonic Moogy noodling of ‘Plantlife’ to the sputtering percussive dreamscape of ‘Mr Knockbottom’, ‘On Danse Comme Des Fous’ is a reet ‘new agey’ journey of a record. Highly Recommended.

—/// Bonus Bits ///—

It’s not all music, is it? I’m well cultured me, so here’s a little list of other bits I’ve been enjoying of late…

Podcast: Thinking Allowed: ‘Lad Culture’ in Higher Education – Fugitives from the Law in Philadelphia (2014): Laurie Taylor talks to Alison Phillips about ‘Lad Culture’ and gender performance among men in British higher education and Alice Goffman about her study ‘On the Run’, which focuses on the Criminalisation of entire African American communities in Philadelphia.

Telly: This is Pop! (Netflix, 2021): A nice little series of documentaries about various subjects surrounding pop music and culture (you know I loves me some pop). The first few were great and really well researched, for example, drawing parallels between T-Pain’s use of autotune and Suzanne Ciani’s early adoption of the modular synth, but it seemed to change the format around the fourth episode, opting instead for a very basic historical narrative. Covid related break in the chain? who knows, still, it’s worth a peek.

Achtung!!! All clips are cut to 1 minute, mega low bitrate. I do not own the rights to these recordings. If you see my shitty blog as a big risk to your gold medallions, jacuzzis and Ibiza beach houses, then contact me and I'll take it down!