Jammo’s Music Report No.001

Here’s a little run down of what i’m listening to at the moment in no particular order…

Island People – Island People — Raster Noton

Gorgeous ambient excursions from 2017. I’ve largely ignored Raster, to be honest. I had listed them under ‘Jammo’s too hip to be trusted’ labels and am now going through my usual process of punching myself in the face (spiritually), at my stupidity, much to Ana’s amusement (who’s a fan). Anyways, the album is beautiful and I’m a nobhead.

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – The Night

This stone-cold classic has been on heavy rotation here during a recent resurgence of regular Northern Soul sessions. Its deep bass and foreboding intro building up to its huge chorus never fails to make me gurn. It’s good for running too!

KLF – Chill Out

Sheep bleats, lofty pads, and whispers of ‘In the Ghetto’ was always a pleasing proposition. I first heard ‘Chill Out’ doing buckets, in a cottage, in Borth (circa 96 maybe?). I think I whited out as it goes. Along with the rest of their back catalogue; KLF re-released ‘Chill Out’ at the beginning of the year, though it’s been renamed to ‘Come Down Dawn’. Gorgeous as it is, it’s not the original version (sample clearance issues). Luckily I have a dodgy taped-off-a-mate version in all its Elvis and Fleetwood Mac sampling glory. The uninitiated can find it easily on that youtube thing.

Spencer Kincy (Gemini) Live in Bonn ’95

One of my all-time favourite mixes has been getting rinsed on an almost daily basis for the past few weeks. I’m trying, as best I can, to keep away from social media. In order to help with that, I’ve started pretending I live in 1999 again. One of the ‘projects’ I’ve set myself during the last few weeks is to compile and record my favourite mixtapes to tape. And this particular tape has some serious power. Mad Acid, Happy House, Kraftwerk, it’s all there. Pure umami DJ power as only Gemini can do! Go find it!