Well, it’s been another horrific month on planet earth. What with Ukraine, Yemen, the Conger Ice Shelf and the rest, it still seems bizarre and utterly pointless to post nonsense about music and telly etc, but here we are; my faithful readership of one must be served! So, with that in mind, here’s Jammo’s Music Report:

Andrew Weatherall – Frankfurt Advice

I’ve been revisiting Andrew Weatherall’s “Convenanza” (Rotters Golf Club, 2016) album a lot recently. Seemingly, somebody on our local council has dialed the Stadtthermostat back to winter and “Frankfurt Advice”, with its rolling bass, and Happy Mondays-esque horn stabs give me a much-needed buzz!

Gwenno – Hi a Skoellyas LIV a Dhagrow

This string-laden wonder from Gwenno’s Cornish language album “Le Kov” (Heavenly Recordings, 2018) has been dripping like honey through my earbuds for weeks now. It’s raspy Kernowek whispers and Gorwel Owens’ spacious drum work have guided me through many a stormy Neukölln day.

Now, I don’t speak a word of Cornish, but I did live there for a few years and “Le Kov”, paired with Ithell Colquhoun’s book “The Living Stones” (thanks Simey), have given me a strong sense of longing that I haven’t felt since the Brexit referendum.

Lo Kindre – Syn

This brooding, dystopian dub mutation from Glasgow-based dubber Lo Kidre instantly turns any drizzly walk around Tempelhofer Feld, or field trip to Netto into a John Carpenter film and I am here for it!

Llwybr Llaethog – Ffanny

Honestly, I fucking hate didgeridoos. They remind me of school days; Saturdays in Stars, Aberystwyth. My nostrils filled with cheap incense and surrounded by middle-aged, balding, R.E. teachers, in Jesus creepers, buying Buddha heads and ponchos.

There are, however, a select few didgeridoo-infused tracks that manage to bypass my ire and “Ffanny” is one of them. This moment of glory, from Llwybr Llaethog’s “Mad!” (Ankst, 1996) merges didgeridoos with epic prog guitars and synthesized eastern melodies. Imagine Weatherall, the Ozric Tentacles and Jan hammer, in a yurt, somewhere outside Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Yaw Evans – Waking Up

Beautifully sparse, melancholy garage from South London producer Yaw Evans. Released on El-Bs ever-mint GD4YA imprint, this detailed little bubbler makes a fitting soundtrack for those long and grey Berlin days.

—/// Bonus Bits ///—

Telly // Queer Eye: Germany (2022, Netflix)

The German-language version of Queer Eye dropped on Netflix recently, and I’m here to tell you, it’s kind of average. I mean… it’s not bad, but it’s not great either. It lacks the clout and budget of the US version and, at times, feels very staged.

Initially, I found it hard going to make any connection to the coaches/presenters, but as the series went on, beauty consultant David Jakobs shone through as a wonderful, self-effacing and very lovely human being. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Podcast // Lebedev: Lord of Siberia (2022, Tortoise Media, Slow News Podcast)

Paul Caruana Galizia’s investigation into the son of an ex-KGB agent turned Oligarch, Evgeny Lebedev’s ascension to the upper echelons of British high society, comes hot on the heels of Russia’s bloody invasion of Ukraine.

It highlights the deep ties the current Tory Government has with the Kremlin and asks, how ingrained is Russia in British politics? If you are like me, It will leave you spitting feathers! Check it out.

That’s it ’til next time!

Ta very much, Danke, Diolch!

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